Tech Tutorials

Create and Test Swapfile Linux

Enable swap space usage by creating a swap file on Linux. Test that your swap file setup by filling up your RAM with “stress” program.

How to parse a .fdf file in Python

How to parse a .fdf file that was created by exporting comments made within a PDF document using Adobe Reader DC version 2020.006.20042). A simple Python example illustrating the basics of parsing the .fdf file is as follows: [gist...

Python List, Tuple, Dictionary Syntax

An extremely simple example of Python lists, tuples and dictionary syntax. The example shows how to iterate through these python data structures.

Docker Cheat Sheet

Stop / Start Docker Service in Linux Commit Docker Container [code language="bash" gutter="false" title="commit docker...

Postgres Upsert On Conflict Where Clause

A basic example of a Postgres Upsert using "on conflict do update" with a where clause.    Postgres Upsert ON CONFLICT with WHERE clause create table z_test( f1 text PRIMARY KEY, f2 text, f3 text, f4 text ); insert into z_test (f1,f2,f3,f4) values('1','2','3','4');...